Peeps candy used to recreate mythology

If you follow Greek mythology, then you’ll definitely know that looking at Medusa will turn you in to stone with the snap of fingers. Well, according to modern American mythology, leaving peeps exposed to air will turn them into stone, or at least make them really hard.

On Thursday in Illinois Wesleyan University’s Ames Library both of those mythologies clashed for some great entertainment. At the library, World Poetry Day was celebrated with dioramas that were created with the ever so popular Easter candy to project scenes from Greek or Roman myth, as well as poetry.

It’s a brand new marshmallow way to tell Greek mythology, and it’s quite tasty as well.

The contest was titled Peep Into Poetry, and was sponsored by the IWU Classics Club and Eta Sigma Phi, an honors society for classical studies at the university. Co-president of Eta Sigma Phi Junior Leslie Cooley mentioned that the contest was a good way to interact with the kids and the college students.

The person who took home the gold, the grand prize winner, was senior Olivia Dunham. Her Peeps project showed Perseus rescuing Andromeda while astride the winged horse Pegasus, carrying the snake-filled head of Medusa, who was slain earlier by him.

Medusa was made out of the head of a yellow chick Peep candy, and her hair of snakes was made from curved green pipe cleaners. All the entries were coupled by an explanation of the Greek myth that was being projected in a non-edible form.


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Sharapova unveils candy line in Florida

Maria Sharapova got a be a global brand, and shot to the top earner in women’s sport because she never let a marketing opportunity go to waste, and she hasn’t stopped yet. This is exactly why the Russian tennis player took time out of her rigorous training for the Miami Masters to make a store appearance in order to promote her new Sugarpova candy line in the southern Florida area.

The candy line launch was held at a very upscale Miami retail called IT’S SUGAR. Sharapova used this opportunity to introduce three new flavors of her deliciously sweet candy line.

The officials mentioned that the Sharapova candy line, which was only introduced last summer, is now being sold in more than 120 locations in the United States. It also now comprises a dozen flavors from a mixture of gummy variations, gum balls, and even soft chews.

The premium Sharapova candy line brand has the player’s official stamp of approval. Sharapova herself is hoping that her candy line will make a mark in the luxury candy market. She’s been doing her bit to attract interest in the local launch of her candy line, even through Twitter: Miami here I come!” and  “Can’t wait to see all my fans at my Sugarpova launch Tuesday 6 pm at the IT’SUGAR store in Sunset Place.”

If you’re looking to get your hands on one of these tasty treats, they can be found online, but they are going to be a bit pricey for a tasty treat.


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A couple of Retro NYC candy stores to satisfy your sweet tooth

All of us have our favorite childhood candy; that go-to candy bar that will make you smile no matter what happens in life. It didn’t matter if you were a MARS bar lover or tootsie pop addict; all the candy eaters out there have a variety of preferences to get their fix of sweetness. In addition, unlike your crush in elementary school, you still haven’t gotten over your love for that particular candy that just makes you feel like you’re on cloud 9. For those out there roaming NYC as tourists or live in NYC, we’ve taken a look at a couple of the vintage candy stores to track down those classic candies that aren’t in your everyday store any more, and also maybe get hooked onto something new.

The first one isn’t really a candy shop to be exact; it’s more like a museum that features pretty much every kind of sweet confection from the past century. The place is called Economy Candy, and it takes you back to simpler times. The massive store in the Lower East Side is full of everything from classic vintage sweets to more of the exotic treats; for example, Turkish halvah. You can stop by for a bulk order of your favorite or just sample an imported good like Odense or even Scharffen Berger Chocolate.

Another one of the LES candy spots in NYC is The Sweet Life. This is a true ma and pa shop that’s been in business for over three decades. It has quite a variety of nostalgic candies like Jawbreakers and candy necklaces. The Sweet Life also has some fantastic homemade goods like the M and M marshmallow softy pops and dark chocolate berry and cherry bark. This store does wedding orders, baking and catering.


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