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Who is not able to resist a sugar fix every now and then? Our need for sugar is part of our biological makeup as humans. Originally, candy was a type of medicine used to either cool sore throats or calm the digestive system. During the Middle Ages, candy was served and appeared on the tables of only the wealthiest members of society and was made with honey prior to when sugar was readily available to everyone. Because of the opulent history of candy, it is easy to believe that the best chocolate or candy bars in the market are overtly expensive, a taste of heaven too frivolous to maintain a constant supply  in our personal candy hoard, but the best candy bars and chocolate out there also include some of the cheapest on the market!

For the sugar fiend, health-conscious sweet tooth, chocolate lover, or nostalgic adult, this list of the top 10 candy bars include the best candy from around the world and from different generations, yet still available today. It has something for everyone.

Read through this list for a guide on which chocolate or candy bar to grab next, spur your taste buds and fill them with tingling delicious happiness.

Top 10 Candies for the Sweet Tooth

1. Haribo Roulettes

These Gummy disks of different fruit flavors are packed in handy rolls and come in a rainbow of colors, including green, red, blue, yellow, orange and clear. A wonderful candy that is yummy in your tummy, it has the perfect balance of a chewy and firm texture. You’ll love its sweet, tart flavor. You can’t go wrong with this delicious candy. For a mere price, you’ll be able to experience the delicious taste already enjoyed by 99% of the people out there.

2. Zotz Fizz Power Candy, Cherry, Apple, and Watermelon Flavors

Individually-wrapped, this little mouth-watering, fuzz-filled, tongue-tingling happiness becomes your go-to candy for when craving something sweet. It is similar to pop rocks or sour Pixy Stix powder and it comes in cherry, apple and watermelon flavors. Who doesn’t remember the popular Zotz candy way back from the 1970s? If you adored them as a child, you will probably like them as an adult as well. Make sure to stock up so that you can share them with your children.

3. Bequet Gourmet Celtic Sea Salt Caramel

Whenever you experience a caramel craving, go straight for Bequet Gourmet Celtic Sea Salt Caramel. Its subtle Celtic Sea Salt finish entices the tongue, while accentuating the award-winning buttery caramel flavor. One taste and you’ll know why it is so popular. It has a homemade taste that is soft and buttery, with a little kick of sea salt. Whether you are having them at parties or just hoarding sweets, this addictive treat has just the right balance of salt and sweetness, as well as a wonderfully creamy texture. The only reason you would ever be sorry for purchasing this luscious bit of heaven is for the havoc it creates on your waistline.

4. Panda All Natural Licorice Chews

Licorice lovers may rejoice. You’ll love eating this candy so much that you’ll find it becomes a ritual. Its taste is well-balanced, nice and chewy, without being too sticky. With a taste and feel more traditional, it leaves a great lingering aftertaste. It is much healthier too having been made with only four ingredients, with no added coloring or salt. It is Kosher certified and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

5. Jolly Rancher Watermelon

Jolly Ranchers are a great hard candy. Out of all the Jolly Rancher flavors, watermelon is by far the best and favorite choice. Now you’ll find a whole box of these! From the crinkle of the plastic wrapper as you open it, to the last tiny bit of its mouth-watering watermelon flavor, everything about this candy will take you back to a childhood memory of a flawless day during summer. It is also free from any fat and sodium.

6. La Florentine Torrone, Lemon, Orange, Vanilla

If you have never tried torrone candy, you don’t know what you’re missing. This almond bon bon nougat candy is made in Italy and usually served during special occasions. It is low in fat and sodium, with no cholesterol. A lightly flavored and textured almond and vanilla combination that is perfect, with plenty of almonds, it is not too sweet or citrusy. These are worth every cent. At a wedding celebration in Cremona, Italy during the year 1441, there was a delicious sweet candy featured made of nuts, honey and egg whites. It was fashioned in the shape of a tower in Cremona known as “Torrione”. Hence, the candy’s name Torrone.

7. Sour Punch Twists

One of the first sour candy brands to enter the market in the 1990s, Sour Punch Candy teases taste buds with its fruity flavors and fun colors. It packs that extra punch with its special sour coating crystals. Fresh and soft, it has a nice sour taste when you first bite into it, then the chewy flavor of the candy comes in. You can place these individually wrapped, low-cost treats in your purse and snack on them while driving or give them to your kids as a reward when you are out. They are the perfect size for a taste of candy.

8. YummyEarth Organic Lollipops, Hot Chili Pops

If you are looking for something healthy that incites the taste buds, gives a little heat, but not enough to make you sweat or beg for water, try this fully-satisfying flavor. These lollipops are certified organic and100% vegan, with 100% natural colors and natural flavors. It is free of soy, wheat, dairy, Gluten, Casein, and it contains real fruit extracts
The spicy hot flavor comes on a few moments after enjoying either the mango or lime sweetness, and yet, the heat does not overpower the sweet.

9. Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pop Assorted Sweet Lollipops

If you were a ‘90s kid, you would remember this product. It is purely flavored sugar goo for the sugar fiend and one of the more interesting candies out there. It is a true winner through and through. It is a completely sugar-free gum with outrageous flavors. However, this candy has become hard to find.

10. Kinder Chocolat

Kinder Chocolat is simply chocolate candy bliss. The candy bar itself is a mixture of smooth, delicious milk chocolate, with a soft, creamy white chocolate interior, and coca cream. The white chocolate filling is sweet and creamy but not in-your-face sweet. The chocolate candy bar’s exterior is made of real chocolate, much richer than the other candy bars you would find in convenience stores. All in all, it’s what you would be able to call chocolate candy bliss.

There you have a compiled list of the top 10 candy, candy bars, chocolate, and sweets around. Give these treats as gifts to your loved one, keep them handy in your purse, hand them out at the office or at parties, enjoy them during holidays, or keep them under your bed as your personal stash. Cheers to all sweets for a sweet life. Do you have a favorite sugary treat?