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Best Chocolate

Best Chocolate in the World

Indulging in chocolates is definitely a favorite pastime for a lot of us simply because it’s just plain delicious, and it can make anyone’s bad day at least a little bit better. If you ask someone what their favorite chocolate candy is, it would put a smile on their face just because they’re thinking about chocolate; however, they may not even be able to answer because they have too many favorites. Everybody in the world of all age groups and races love chocolate (or at least like it if they’re not allergic). Chocolate is something of a treasure to many people, and despite what you may have heard all of your life, is actually quite healthy for you in the right portions. There are tons of chocolate out there, and some of the best types of chocolate are in candy bar form. Here’s a list of the top 10 best chocolates originating from all over the world:

Kit Kat

The Kit Kat is a mix of a wafer biscuit stick and chocolate. This delicious candy bar was invented by a British man named Rowntree. Neste bought out Rowntree in the late 1980s, and started producing the candy bar worldwide; however, in the United States it’s produced and sold by Hershey. This amazing treat comes in sets of 2 or 4, depending on your sweet tooth. This particular chocolate is made in 21 countries under Nestle.


The Mars bar is a chocolate bar that’s out of this world, and it’s produced my Mars incorporated. It was birthed in 1932 in the United Kingdom. This chocolate bar consists of nougat and caramel covered in milk chocolate. There are many variations of the Mars bar, such as Mars Dark, Mars Light, Mars Almond, Mars Lava, and Mars Gold. Additionally, there was also a Mars World Cup that was introduced to the public during the Fifa World Cup in 2010.


The galaxy chocolate bar is yet another candy that’s produced by Mars incorporated. This chocolate bar first hit the shelves in 1960; however, in the year 1988 it was bought by Mars incorporated. This galaxy chocolate bar is said to be very popular among women and children, according to studies that have been done. There are a variety of Galaxy chocolate bars available in stores, including Galaxy Caramel, Galaxy Dark, and Dairy Galaxy.


Cadbury is a chocolate bar that’s manufactured by Kraft foods. It is the world’s second largest confectionary business, coming right after Mars incorporated. This company operates across 50 countries around the world. It is one of the most famous chocolate brands in the world, producing a variety of chocolates in different flavors. One of the best things about Cadbury chocolate is that they are actually quite cheap. The Cadbury Dairy Milk flavor is one of the most famous of the variety that Cadbury offers.


Tolberone is an oddly shaped chocolate bar that you break off into pieces. It’s another chocolate bar that’s produced by Kraft Foods. The former owner of Tolberone is Jacobs Suchard; however, Kraft Foods took over the chocolate brand in 1990. One of the most famous things about Tolberone is its shape, as it’s shaped into a prism. You’re able to purchase Tolberone in chocolate or white chocolate.


Established by a one Nizar Choucair in the mid-1970s, Patchi is a chocolate brand that came out of Lebanon. As of now, Patchi is sold across 20 countries around the world. It produces some of the most expensive boxes of chocolates, and is one of the most famous chocolate brands in the Middle East. Patchi is known for containing some of the finest cocoa for its chocolate pieces. The packing of these chocolate pieces is quite impressive and rather fancy. This is the perfect packaged chocolate to give to someone on Valentine’s Day or for a birthday or special event of some sort because the packaging is as amazing as the taste. One of the best things about Patchi is that the company can produce chocolate that’s customized to a local taste, as well as for local events.


Guylian is a famous Belgian chocolate that was founded by a one Guy Foubert in 1960. The name comes from its founders, along with his wife: the Guy comes from Guy Foubert, and the “lian” part comes from Liliane, the wife of Guy. There are a lot chocolate pieces that Guylian is famous for, but it’s most famous piece of chocolate is the Sea Shells Praline that contains a variety of fillings. The Guylian Company sells its pralines in gift boxes because they are so popular; they’re individually wrapped for added effect. The Guylian Company set a Guinness world record in 2005 for making the largest sculpture of an Easter egg.


Ghiradelli is a chocolate company that was birthed in the United States, and it controls every single aspect of its own chocolate manufacturing process. The Ghiradelli Company offers a variety of flavors on the market, and in different forms. It is one of the best-selling chocolate brands in the United States, and this is in part because of the rich cocoa beans that are used to make the chocolate. In order to maintain the quality of the chocolate, the manufacturer will reject around 40% of the cocoa beans that are shipped to the company. Lindt Sprungli

Lindt Sprungli

is a Swiss chocolate company, and it’s also known simply as Lindt. One of the most famous chocolates from this company is called the Lindor: a chocolate piece that has a hard shell with smooth chocolate filling inside. This comes both in a ball form and in a bar shape. This brand makes a variety of chocolates in different flavors, packaging and colors. Some of the flavors it’s well known for are milk, peanut butter, mocha and mint.

Ferrero Rocher

This is, hands down, one of the best chocolate brands in the world. Anyone that claims to know anything about chocolate or be a fan of chocolate should know what Ferrero Rocher is. It’s a chocolate ball that contains hazelnut, hazelnut milk cream and roasted walnut, and it’s all wrapped appropriately in gold foil. There’s a thin layer of wafer coated with milk chocolate to give it a scrumptious taste that will make you feel happy no matter how low your day has got you. There’s a very high demand for this particular chocolate brand, and the brand is starting to make different flavors.

You have just been exposed to 10 of the best chocolates in the world. This isn’t a comprehensive list in any way, but it’s definitely a legitimate list for any chocolate lover. All of these chocolate brands hold a fantastic reputation for putting smiles on faces because their product is purely delicious. If your particular favorite has been left off of this list, it’s only because it’s not the top 20 or top 50, and of course preference plays a factor in the brands that were chosen. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, chocolate always finds a way to make your day a little better.