Chocolate Candy Bars linked to Lower BMI

Chocolate candy bars can help lower BMI despite high fat and sugar content, research says.

A research using different varieties of chocolate – milk, white, dark – found that those candy bars that are rich in potent antioxidant properties actually have a positive effect on a person’s body mass index. The research was first published in the Archives of Internal Medicine journal last May 2012.

The study is based in the University of California and included1,000 participants (both men and women ages 20 to 85). Their findings show a significant link between frequent consumption of chocolate and lower BMI, despite its fat and calorie content.

The participants’ differences in exercise habits, gender, education, and fruit and vegetable consumptions did not affect the results. Those who ate chocolate candy bars more often weigh an average of five to seven pounds lower than those who do not consume chocolate. The researchers concluded that there was indeed a significant difference in the two group’s BMI.

But finally, before starting to gobble up on candy bars, it should be noted that the present study has yet to answer why it actually happens. Researchers still want to know if there are any nutritional or lifestyle factors that led to the difference in BMI of the participants.

Other researchers suggest that those who strictly limit their food consumption and consciously stops themselves from eating candy bars may actually have consequent problems with overeating and weight gain. This suggests that those who eat chocolate more often may have an overall balanced approach to nutrition and fitness leading to their lower BMI.