Chupa Chups Ice Candy Maker

The famously creative Takara Tomy Arts is realeasing something new and very cool for youngsters and the young at heart. Their new invention is the Okashina Ice Cream Chupa Chups, which will have a release date of April 18. The Okashina Ice Cream Chupa Chups is described by its inventors to be weird, funny and rather strange.

This is quite an interesting machine as you can create something very unique. The machine allows you to make a 6cm diameter Popsicle that will combine a lollipop and almost any beverage of your choice.

All you have to do is put a Chupa Chups into the machine and then fill it with a warmed beverage, like juice, soy milk or milk, and simply rotate the body with the conveniently attached handle to make the candy melt. The machine will only take about 3 minutes to melt the candy. After that, all you have to do is leave the machine in the freezer overnight and then you’ll have a big piece of ice candy that will be waiting for you the very next day.

This is quite a fun experiment, especially for kids, and for adults who will enjoy trying to figure out their favorite flavors by mixing different Chupa Chups and using a variety of beverages.

Here are a couple of recipe ideas brought to you by Takara Tomy Arts:

1. Cherry flavored coke with cherry Chupa Chups

2. Strawberry Chupa Chups with soymilk

Keep an eye out for this machine to hit shelves on April 18.



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Posted by Candy Man - April 1, 2013 at 9:45 pm

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Top 5 candy treats for the movie theaters

Spring is upon us, and that means summer is right around the corner. What do most people do during the summer time? Well, at the top of the list is watching movies because all of the blockbuster summer movies are out and ready for your viewing pleasure. So, the tricky question is this: what candy should you snack on during your movie theater experience? Well, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 candy treats to eat during your movie-going.

5. At number 5 is Goobers. There’s only one thing better than peanuts and peanut butter, and that’s peanuts that are dipped in chocolate. These bad boys are hard to put down, so go to town on them while watching your favorite action flick.

4. Taking the number 4 spot are Junior Mints. These are dark chocolate pieces that are filled with peppermint. These taste sweet and freshen your breath at the same time. It’s perfect for a date night.

3. At number 3 are Raisinets. You get a healthy snack with the raisins, but even better because they’re dipped in chocolate. Chocolate-covered raisins are a tricky way of getting us chocolate lovers to eat our fruits. Nicely done.

2. Buncha Crunch comes in the runner-up spot. They have the delicious taste of the Crunch Bar in bite-size form. If you go out and get some pop-corn, you’ll realize that mixing the pop-corn and Buncha Crunch makes for a tasty combo.

1. Sour Patch Kids take the number one spot. They’re sour; they’re sweet, what’s not to love?






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Functional Candy Bars should be niche-specific

Product developers emphasize need for the functional candy bars to specialize in order to succeed.

Herza Schokolade, functional chocolate specialist group of Stern Wywiol Gruppe, said that the functional candy bars are “booming” and has a fast-growing market. It was further emphasized that the key to success in the business is by developing products that are focused and “specialized.”

“In times where big players dominate the cocoa market, you have to find your niche and produce and deliver tailor-made products,” Dennis Stoffers, product manager in Herza Schokolade, told

The ongoing trend is creating candy bars that “look and taste like ‘normal’ food.” The challenge is in making products with lower fat and sugar content that promotes “wellness” in the consumers.

“This segment grows the fastest followed by users wanting candy bars containing high contents of cereals and fibers,” added Stoffers.

Moreover, Marc van Essen, key account manager, said that there is a focus on active sports that as a niche has further diversified into separate specialties. “There are now special candy bars that meet the specific nutritional demands of different forms of sport.”

The whole idea of specialization roots from the varying needs that different groups of people look for. For instance, van Essen explained, “Cyclists need different nutrients from body-builders, so there is a correspondingly high level of diversification.”

In the coming years of producing functional candy bars, the industry is looking at higher use of less processed ingredients like fruits, nuts, and peanuts. This will be accompanied by clean labeling and clear packaging.

Also, a specific age group that they are planning to target includes those older than 50 years old. “This group is constantly growing and they can afford to pay for food with added benefits.”


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Posted by Candy Man - March 10, 2013 at 10:32 pm

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