Siblings turn Cakes to Candy Bars

Krystal and Ryan Taylor, brother and sister from Minnesota, start new business that introduces candy bars that are made from cake.

“I love cake,” says Ryan, the one who came up with the idea, “I’m a very creative guy. My mind is always going to different places, so I thought, how could I turn this into a cake-candy bar?”

Ryan got her sister to join on the idea because she found her “very helpful and task-oriented”, and together they started coming up with recipes for their new food product.  “She’s always been the family cake-baker for holidays,” Ryan adds.

The conceptualization of their products started in the latter part of 2010 on a “trial and error” basis as they tried different cake and candy bar combinations. By March 2011, they were able to launch their candy bars called “Cakedy” in three different flavors : Peanutter, RedHead and Choco Chocatus.

Ryan, being a business management consultant, was in charge of the “business side” of Cakedy. “We did a lot of market testing. We did a test on Nicollet Avenue and had lots of family and friends trying [what we made],” he said.

He also made sure that their candy bars had proper shelf-life stability and nutrition labels with the assistance of AURI Food Scientist Charan Wadhwan. Preservatives to prolong it’s shelf life has been suggested.

The Taylor sibling’s cake to candy bar concoctions have been introduced locally and have received positive feedback. The candy bars are being sold in Minnesota, some outstate stores and online.