Top 5 health benefits of candy

Top 5 health benefits of candy
Candy has been deemed a bad thing by many people, as it will rot your teeth and add unnecessary calories to your diet. This is more or less true, but that doesn’t mean candy is completely bad for you. There are surprisingly quite a few health benefits of candy, so before you pass up on candy because of all the negativity you hear about it, consider the positives of candy. Not everything that tastes delicious is bad for you, and surprisingly enough candy is one of them. The following are five health benefits of eating candy:
Eat candy; live longer

There’s something special about candy that will actually extend your life. There was a comprehensive study that came from the Harvard School of Public Health, revealing that people who eat candy will live longer than people who don’t eat candy. Of course, the candy consumption has to be moderate, as with almost everything in life. That will mean taking candy for about one to three times every month; however, even those eating candy daily were reported to live longer than those who did not take candy at all.

Candy can ignite/restore will power

If you’re facing a difficult task or will be facing a difficult task fairly soon, it would be beneficial to eat some candy. Candy is practically a shot of sugar, and it will make people persevere for much longer than they normally could. In addition, it will also help you become more focused in your goal at hand. Just a few pieces of candy before you take on a significant project will help you do it. Regardless of what you may think, a little candy can go a long way.

Chewing gum can improve your mental health

Chewing any type of gum will positively influence your mental health. The gum has the ability to improve your mood, heighten your mental focus, decrease your stress level, and even block a pain you may be having. In addition, chewing gum can increase your serotonin levels as well. Michael Jordan chewed gum all those years in Chicago; it might have been the gum.

Chocolate could be a factor in decreasing cardiovascular disease

There are many health benefits to chocolate out there, some true and some not so true. However, there is some research out there that shows that anyone who eats chocolate five or more times a week is 60% less likely to be susceptible to heart disease. It may be the chocolate itself or it may be what the chocolate made them feel: happy. So, eating chocolate every once and a while can actually be very good for a healthy lifestyle.

Cotton candy can help in making new blood vessels

Many people will assume that cotton candy is horrible for their health. However, according to Cornell University, cotton candy can actually be melted down to make artificial blood vessels. Yes, it’s kind of a stretch because eating cotton candy may still be bad for you, but it is something that contributes to someone’s health out there in a positive manner.

There you have it, five ways candy may benefit your health. Some of the ways are pretty awesome, and the others may seem like a stretch, but there’s one thing we all know for sure: candy makes you happy (for the most part). So, the next time you feel guilty about eating a few pieces of candy, remember that candy can actually be good for you. Go ahead and treat yourself to some every once and a while; you deserve it.

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